Totto-chan- the girl by the window- a comic about a girl who is not as normal as her friends. She was expelled from school at the age of 6 because of her “hyperactivity”.However, after that event, Totto-chan and her “odd” friends had gradually become successful people, contributing for a better society thanks to the supports and assistance of the respectable principal.

If you love Da Lat because of lovely sceneries, the rustic life of indigenous people and “miarculous” locations for virtual living, you should not miss Totto chan - a new opened bakery in retro style.

Located at 59 Nguyen Trai Street, inside the Still Cafe’s precinct, near by Da Lat train station. With nostalgic and rustic style, Totto-chan will take you back to old days of previous decades, to a peaceful Dalat, eating cake, drinking tea and chatting together with unstarting and unending stories.

The shop sign is simple, with some words "scrawled" on a wooden board, giving Totto-chan the humor and cuteness at the first look.

Next to Totto-chan bakery is a small deli, with a “strange” name: “Chờ Miêu”. All of them stay in the precinct of Still Cafe. A coffee shop, a bakery and a small deli, though they are three different shops, they follow a same style-retro style. They give passengers a memorable feeling, waking up their emotion and memories when they are here with their friend.

Wooden walls, iron roof, some old tables and chairs, small plants by the window, vegetable beds in front of the house, worn pattern aprons and an oven used for a long time..., all these things make Totto-chan a friendly and familiar place, as a reminder of the days when we were playing toys with friends in the yard. Or when it suddenly rained,we hurriedly ran out to the yard, raised our hands to touch every heavy and cold raindropd while mother was chiding as we might get sick.

Besides, the cakes in Totto-chan are quite attractive and tasty, with very “Jappanese” names such as "Doki-Doki Gateaux"(a “pounding” gateau cake), "PomPom",(apple pie) "Azuki"(red bean pie), Hinata (round biscuits) ...
If you visit Totto-chan, do not forget to keep yourself beautiful pictures and enjoy the delicious cakes by the tea pot!