have you ever been in the happy farm in Da Lat?

Designed as it called,the Happy Farm is built and developed in a way that is "very farmlike". There are swings, colorful wooden cabins, tents, straw rolls, a big frame with rope which is knit together,making it looks like a giant net; interleaving them are groups of mimi flowers, sunflower gardens, strawberry nurseries, cactus, lavender and organic vegetables gardens ... All of them makes Sunny Farm a place in a colorful fairy tale.

To get here, from the city center you go to Hung Vuong street (Highway 20). Ask the locals about the slope 7. Go straight down the slope and you be at the Farm.


It is not hard to find the Sunny Farm because it welcomes you with very cute balloons at the top of the slope. The total view of Sunny Farm will be clearer and clearer toward the end of the slope, with warm colors mixed with green color of the grass, making you happy when you get to the shop.


Sunny Farm's wood cabins are painted with many colors not in any order, which looks a little "messy". But in fact, all of them are very harmonious, giving the farm a fresh and lively look.

A wondeful thing about Sunny Farm is that every part can be the “interesting virtual living corner” because they are decorated and meticulously handled helping you “bloom” without feeling tired.

In addition, one plus point for Sunny Farm is the “panorama view of Dalat”. You can see all the city miniaturing under your feet.


The air around Sunny Farm is cool and fresh because flowers blossom from-yard-to-home. What if in a hot afternoon, you visit Sunny Farm, reward yourself a glass of Soda Matcha, sit on the giant net and clear your mind, no matter where it goes. Is it enough to make you excited?

Moreover, Sunny Farm has a big nursery growing many kind of plants such as rosemaries, strawberries, lavenders and green vegetables,... You can also grown one of your favorite plants in your pots.

To be a coffee shop, the drinks are quite delicious and tasty-looking, ranging from 25,000 to 35,000VND. Contrary to the open view outside, the atmosphere inside the shop is very cosy and friendly.

If you are a traveling enthusiast and want to experience the feeling of being in a “million-star” hotel for a night, listening to the summer sound of cicadas or crickets, Sunny Farm has some tents in nomadic style for you to do that. What can be as wonderful as watching the city at night by the fire and enjoying a roasted steak of meat or roasted sweet potatoes?Right?