Lavender is a sweet fragrant , gentle and romantic violet color flower, attracting travelers. Having the ability to retain the scent and color for a long period, Lavender is used extensively for perfume producing, oil extracting,  or simply dried for decorating.

Lavender is grown with  a large number in Da Lat, surrounding the large hills. Its blue-violet color is softly curved around each flower beds, stretching as a beautiful carpet. Dalat now have three large Lavender fields: one near by Tuyen Lam lake, one in Van Thanh flower village and a new one locating in Trai Mat area.

  1. Lavender Field in Lavender Resort ( Tuyen Lam Lake area)

This Lavender field is about 7km from the city center, in the land of Lavender Resort, on the way to The Clay Tunnel. This field is considered to be the most cultivated Lavender field in Dalat. With an area of thousands square meters used for planting Lavender only,it makes a part of the sky sunk in the wonderful blue vilolet tint.

Here is the instruction to the Lavender Field from Trieu Viet Vuong street, you head to Tuyen Lam lake, turn to the road to The Clay Tunnel. Here, continue to follow the trail and when you are 4 kms away from The Clay Tunnel, you will see a large board saying "LavenderDalat", take the second turn, continue to go about 3 more kms.

  1. Lavender Field in Van Thanh Flower Village

This Lavender field belongs to Mr.Thanh - a young business man, who has experimented with growing this flower many times before succeeding. After many years of researching, with countless failures, finally, his first Lavender garden succeeded. It was the garden in Chien Thang Lake area. Later,  that area was unfortunately cleared; therefore, he moved his garden to Van Thanh Flower Village.

You can go towards Camly Falls, then take about 1km further to Van Thanh Flower Village. Here, you can ask the people to enter the garden of Mr.Thanh.

  1. The Lavender field in the Trai Mat area.

This is the latest Lavender field put into tourism. The field is located behind the old Cau Dat Tea Factory, about 1km from Cau Dat Tea Hill. From the city center, you can take Hung Vuong Street to get to Trai Mat area. Here, go about 20km further to Cau Dat hill, ask the indigenous people about Cau Dat tea factory, you will see the Lavender field.

Coming to the Lavender field of Trai Mat, you can also visit the giant pumpkin garden, hydrangea flower garden, hydroponic garden and Sunflower garden with a price of 95.000VNĐ / guest. However, Lavender field is only open for visitors from Thursday to Sunday weekly. You should schedule carefully before departing to avoid the close day of the garden.