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Welcome to Dalat

As you know the best way to enjoy you travel when you in Viet Nam is going with motorbike. So how can you have it?

In this writing we will help you to answer your question. There are 2 ways for you to enjoy DaLat and Viet Nam by motorbike.

  • Way 1, you can look for an easy rider to sit behind him, you still can enjoy everything and stop everywhere you want. For this way we highly recommend you if you take long trip and you have never ridden bike before
  • Way 2, In DaLat and cities absolutely have service of scooter for rent which you may have a good and suitable bike for your own. For this way, however you should have license because somesome where polices may be strict. Anyway, contact us at the:
  • address: 66 An Binh, ward 3, Dalat.
    phone: 0972345649



what should you have to rent bikes:

  • Passport
  • License


The price as followed includes 2 helmet and we bring bikes to your hotel

  1. Scooter with gear ( 100.000đ/ bike/ day )


  1. Automatic scooter ( 150.000đ/ bike/ day )

  1. Hand clutch motorbike ( 200.000đ/bike/day )


 if you rent a bike for 2 days, you could keep it your own for a night without fee.

The price doesn’t  include festivals

Time to rent a day bike from 6 am  -  7:30 pm

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