1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne - memorable experience.

1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne - memorable experience.

The 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne is one of the most interesting tour from Dalat to Mui Ne. We will support you to set up a long journey by motorbike through the beautiful ways. As you know motorbike is extremely popular with Vietnamese people , so the motorbike visiting trip is a lot cheaper than the other tours. You can enjoy the fresh air on the way to various flower farms, and get a chance to get closer to the local people, discover their daily lives and culture. Furthermore the drivers will cross a whole long journey to come to many beautiful sightseeing spots and enjoy the most impressing things throughout the 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne.


Motorbike tour from Dalat to Mui Ne

Some information about 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne

In order to make sure that the 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne will go smoothly, we will provide everything you need to complete the journey safely. Go on the trip with you will be English speaking drivers, we’ll cover entrance fees, motorbikes and petrol fee for you. Moreover our professional and licensed guides will help you to solve any difficulties on the road to Mui Ne. And if you have any other demands, we are willing to carry it out for you. Our 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne starts at Dalat, we will pick you up at your hotel at 8:00am  then the end is at the hotel in Mui Ne, where you have booked in at 5:00pm. By the time we start you should have finished all the necessary preparations for the trip. We have some suggestions to you. Your health need to be the top priority firstly, espescially in the hot summer weather with the burning sun constantly over our head. Therefore we advise you should bring necessary health and skin care products like sunscreen to prevent your skin from sunny weather and you should also wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes. In addition, to assure enough energy level for the trip, you can bring some snacks, fruit and additional bottles of water if you want because we also will supply you with small meals during experience. However you need to notice what is not included in the trip is all the meals, and personal major medical consisting of evacuation insurance coverage is recommended.


Dalat flower farm

Overview of 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne

With the 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne, firstly you can enjoy fresh air on the way to flower farms to get closer to daily lives of local people. One of the biggest flower farms in Dalat that you should pay visitation to on this trip is Van Thanh flower farm. You can see local people looking after fresh and beautiful flowers to provide to all of Vietnam and evenly the Dalat dry flowers have been well- known and attracted the tourists’ attention. Many kinds of flowers are planted here to make our life more beautiful!              


the huge Happy Buddha

We will continue to cross Ta Nung pass, enjoy the whole view of Lam Ha town and the mighty sight of the huge jungle. Let stop to visit the tea and coffee plantation and learn about the coffee making process then take a walk around K’ho minority village. The most interesting thing of this 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne tour is the silk factory. Our motorbike drivers will show you how silkworms grow and take a tour around the factory to see how the silk is made. Next, you can enjoy the imposing wild scene of Elephant waterfall. Climbing up to the hill through the cement stair, you will see a solemn pagoda – Linh An pagoda with two august dragons flanking two sides. Then touching the huge Happy Buddha can bring you happiness and luck basing on the belief of local people. Have you ever try local rice wine? Let find out how they make it and even taste it a little bit! In the afternoon, You will go to see the majestic Pougour Waterfall - the biggest falls in the South of Vietnam. Drive through the sand dune to the coast, then we’ll arrive to Mui Ne at 5 pm. The famous stunning beach of Mui Ne will mark the end of our 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne.


the sand dune to the coast, arrive to Mui Ne

After all, we are sure the 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne will be one of the most wonderful trip in the summer for you. The exeperience of going on a long trip on motorbike, to get away from the busy life of the city and dive yourself into the beautiful nature, with unusual sightseeing spots, bright colorful flower farm and fantastic beach. All will give you some of the best memories of your life.  You will never regret going on this trip, because it will open your eyes to the beautiful nature of our country, and give you the calm, relaxing moments to recharge yourself. Please contact with us to get help for your journey. 1 day motorbike tour to Mui Ne is the perfect choice for you holiday

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