3 day Cat Tien trekking trip - a memorable experience

3 day Cat Tien trekking trip - a memorable experience

3 day Cat Tien trekking trip is a really exciting journey that you can not miss when you pay visitation to Viet Nam. Cat Tien has one of the largest national parks in Viet Nam. The Bio-diversity and plentiful natural resources make this park become an ideal habitat for many rare and endangered species of animals such as deer, boar, rabbit, peacock, etc... If you decide to join this trip, you will  have chance to see the real rare species living and walking in the jungles, after that you will find what to prepare to have a wonderful and enjoyable trip. Now why don’t we back your pack and start going.



Cat Tien national park  


Overview of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip

This tour lasts 3 days including 3 days and 2 nights .To begin the discovery of the national park, we will have to put together a 3-day back to nature program with start and finish time is from 8.00am of the first day to 4.00pm of the final day. There are many exciting activities in 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip, consisting of Jeep Tour, Sightseeing, Trekking, Night Safari, Kayaking. We will provide you with English speaking guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, entrance fees for mentioned activities, accommodation for two nights and transportation, therefore you can be assured of the quality of the tour. However you will have to prepare your own meals if you have special dietary requirements. During your preparation for all the meals, personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is recommended. Moreover what you should bring for this trip is hat, sunscreen, repellent, camera,.. in order to have a good trip.  Nơ, we’ll explore the trip schedule.

The first day of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip.


Cat Tien National Park


The beginning of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip is from Ho Chi Minh city. We will pick you up at your hotel then we leave for the park at 8.00am. We will move by car or van depending on group size. Unless there is any change, we will arrive in the Park Headquarters in the afternoon, and after that we will be ready for the first discovery. We will hike to crocodile swamp. There is a Kayak trip available here. You will surely be excited as you get to watch crocodiles swimming in the swamp. In addition you will be stunned by the beauty when we go sightseeing here. Crocodile lake, nestled deep into the UNESCO-recognised world biosphere reserve, is the biggest one in the lagoon system with its 2,500ha area of water in the rainy season and once home to crowds of fresh water Siamese crocodiles, but the species dwindled to near-extinction due to illegal hunting and human activities. You can take some photos of the sightseeing to keep these precious memories. Then we will have dinner and sleep over night at crocodile lake as so as to prepare for the second day of the 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip.


                     Crocodile lake at Cat Tien


The second day of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip

After a good deeply sleep night at crocodile lake, the next morning we continue trekking back through the jungle to the Park Headquarters and begin to discover the great things about the topical rain forest. The local tour guides will show you around the jungle and help you to understand more clearly about the features  of the rain forest at Cat Tien. In addition in the second day of this trip you will also get to visit some exceptionally beautiful spots, which will make you impressed by the nature sightseeing and bio-diversity of species at the park. We will come to Bang Lang and Cay Go to hear the bird singing in the trees. If you are interested in seeing the real old growth trees. It is believed that these trees have existed for more than 1000 years. When the night comes, a jeep tour for a night safari is a lovely way to help you complete this fantastic day of discovery. You will  discover nocturnal wildlife watching tours by jeep in this fun night. With this special program, you can observe the animals at night with many interesting and strange activities.



The third day of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip

You will wake up early to enjoy the forest atmosphere at dawn.  After breakfast we will take a canoe to cross the river then we will transfer to the local highway for the bus back to Ho Chi Minh city where we started the journey before , and this is the end of our trip. You will not have to regret having chosen this interesting journey. Actually 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip help you to forget about your stressful daily life for a few days and  supply many knowledge of nature, and you may find a new love for the jungle. Why don’t you book this tour right now? The trip departs daily so we are willing to serve you anytime you need. Please contact  us to get help for your enjoyable experience of 3 day Cat Tien trekking trip

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