Challenge Yourself With Da Lat - Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour

Challenge Yourself With Da Lat - Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour

Have you ever ride a bike a long way over 70km from the highland plateau to the sea? Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour will bring you unforgettable feelings. Test your legs and balance with the rise and fall of the hills, work on your health with the changing climate from cool to hot dry weather. You will have to go through the different stages of the journey. From the rugged ramp to the flat roads with the scenery of the countryside on both your sides. You will discover the lives of ethnic minorities living in rural areas along the way; find out how they make their living from coffee and vegetable plantations; enjoy and take pictures of beautiful scenery with majestic mountains. Our professional team will help you to experience all that fun with the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour


The Dalat – Muine 1 day cycling tour

Highlights of the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour

Our car will take you from Dalat to Di Linh town (75km), and we will start to cycle from here to Mui Ne. We will bike around 70km through ethnic minority villages, the valleys in the forest, and come to the beautiful beaches. The first journey is about 5 km through the coffee plantations and extensive pine forests, ride up the ramp to boot and warm up your body. After that, you will pass through 20km of beautiful sceneries before reaching the town of Ma Lam across the rice fields and dragon farms in Mui Ne. The Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour is very suitable for adventurous people.


Highlights of the journey

What can you experience with Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour?

  1. Explore Di Linh Plateau

We will take you from Da Lat to Di Linh Plateau by car. Di Linh is one of the largest plateaus occupying the largest area of Lam Dong province. It is a wild and mysterious place with beautiful natural scenery, rolling hills, fertile soil and cool air. From the Di Linh Plateau, you will start cycling to Mui Ne, experiencing many arcs with different emotions.

With the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour, you can enjoy special things of Di Linh. Di Linh Plateau stretches from the foot of Bao Loc Pass to Prenn Pass, including the part of Bao Loc City, Duc Trong District, and part of Don Duong District. With an average elevation of 1,000 m above sea level, the mountainous Di Linh terrain coincides with the winding pass. Throughout the plateau is the beautiful red color of the fertile basaltic soil; it is convenient for the cultivation of perennial industrial crops, especially Robusta coffee. Di Linh is also the land of the green tea. In the dry season, you have the opportunity to admire the blooming color of coffee flowers. Even in the rainy season, the green plateau is full of life. In Di Linh, it’s like all four seasons exist all in one day.. Early morning is clear spring; Noon is the golden sun of summer; afternoon brings a little romance of autumn, and the evening is the cold winter.


Explore Di Linh Plateau


  1. Admire the natural beauty of Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a famous tourist destination of Phan Thiet known for its stretched white sand, blue sea and curved coconut palms. The attractions of Mui Ne are the beautiful beaches. You can admire the colorful sea paintings at dawn or sunset. On your ride of the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour, you can visit the scenic landscapes along the side of the road. You will be amazed at the green dragon garden adorned with the red color of the fruits in the season. Besides you will have the opportunity to enjoy the extremely special dishes of Mui Ne.


Cycle journey to conquer 70km distance


  1. Challenge yourself and conquer a 70km journey

70km is the journey you will ride from Da Lat to Mui Ne. With various form of terrains ranging from hilly to plain and coastal, the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour is a challenge for you to experience something new and adventurous that doesn’t happen often in your daily life. It’s also an opportunity to check your health as well as your balance when cycling up and down the bumpy hills.


The dragon fruit gardens

Pick up location and time of the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour

  • Gather and pick up at the hotel
  • The Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour starts at 07:30, and the finish time depends on your biking speed.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Please provide your hotel information during the booking process.
  • Accurate shuttle times will be announced after successful booking.
  • Please be at the hotel at least 15 minutes before the shuttle.

The Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour will provide you with

  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Tour guide
  • Travel insurance
  • First aid equipment
  • Bicycles, helmets, gloves
  • Lunch
  • Luggage transportation

Don’t hesitate to start the Da Lat – Mui Ne 1 Day Cycling Tour and experience this exciting challenge. A safe yet intriguing journey is waiting for you.

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