Countryside tour

Countryside tour

In addition to the famous landmarks, Dalat has an attractive destination that is little known. It is the countryside tour in Dalat. The peaceful countryside with the local people, the hospitality will be a welcoming change for you. With countryside tour, visitors  are sure to discover the peaceful simple life of people here and will be able to find peace of mind for themselves.


The beautiful destinations you will explore with the countryside tour

Admire the track to countryside

On the countryside tour, your first impression will be a chance to sightseeing one of the best place in the country. On sunny days, in the midst of the high mountain, you will see the blue sky, blue and white clouds drifting away, time seems to stop and only you and nature remain. Under the clear blue sky, the colorful flowers boast themselves become more brilliant, making everything around you more beautiful, romantic.



View of the one of mountain on the way


Van Thanh flower village

Dalat is famous for supplying fresh flowers to the country and the most famous flower garden in Da Lat is the Van Thanh hamlet. Located about 3 km from the city center, it is one of the biggest flower village in Dalat. Van Thanh Flower Village is one of the six traditional flower villages of the city, where most Dalat roses are planted in.

Van Thanh Flower Village was formed when six Ha Nam Ninh live here. Initially they planted vegetables but from 1960 they started to grow flowers. Up to now, the area of ​​flower growing has reached over 100 ha, of which 90% of households choose roses as the main flower. This beautiful village will be a mermerizing experience on your countryside tour

Enjoy the flavor of the coffee on the coffee plantation


Coffee is one of Vietnam’s biggest exported good. So it’s only reasonable we go to see how is it planted and harvested on our countryside tour. Explore the process of growing coffee trees and beans, as well as try your hands in making your own weasel coffee. This experience may very well give you new appreciation for our agriculture and the people contributing to it.



Visiting the coffee plantation of the countryside tour - enjoy the flavor of the mountain caffe

Vietnamese rice wine making.


Rice wine making is about the process of making good rice wine from the rice paddies, cooking rice, fermenting wine to finish the wine. Visitors will have the chance to taste the wonderful, unique aroma of Dalat wine

Visit Elephants Waterfalls

The Elephant Waterfalls, is located in Nam Ban Town, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong, on the Camly Stream. The waterfall is located about 25 km from Dalat, has a width of about 40m, a height of more than 30m. It has rocks that look like the baby elephant, and that’s the reason for the name elephant waterfall. Elephant waterfall is a fantastic sight, pouring water, making sounds like the roar of a wildlife animal. Make sure to admire the majestic beauty of the waterfall from different locations and take many beautiful photographs while you’re on the countryside tour.



Visit Elephants Falls – a place you should not ignore in the countryside tour


Linh An Pagoda

Linh An Pagoda is 30 km long, has long been the ideal destination for many travelers, especially western travelers adventurous, who enjoy exploring and the different color of religious culture of the East.

Silk factory

Paricipants of the countryside tour will love this place. Here you will learn how to get silk from cocoons and silk weaving. This is the place to make the highest quality silk panels in the country which not only serve the domestic demand but also to export to conquer high demanding markets in the world

Truc Lam monastery

It is the largest monastery in Dalat and the third largest in Vietnam surrounded by green pine forests, located on Mount Phuc Hoang. Truc Lam monastery attract a lot of visitors every year. Visiting the monastery you can also see a lot of beautiful and rare flowers planted in the temple.

Pongour Falls

The natural landscape still preserves its wild beauty. Surrounding the waterfall is a primitive forest with an area of ​​about 2.5 ha with diversified vegetation. This is also home to many ancient trees, and precious animals. After a short while you can even catch some beautiful orchids.

Tuyen Lam Lake



Tuyen Lam Lake


Located right under Truc Lam Zen Monastery is Tuyen Lam Lake - it has been recognized as a national landscape in 2017. You can follow 140 steps to get down to the lake from Truc Lam Zen. This place will make you feel fresh, relaxed and help you find peace of mind -  a perfect destination to end our countryside tour

Detail information of the countryside tour

Depart at 8.30am at your hotel.

The countryside tour includes: English speaking guide, private transportation, drinking water and entrance fees.

The countryside tour does not include: Lunch, soft drink and personal spending

The countryside tour is sure to be a fun journey for visitors this summer, so if you have plan to come to Da Lat, let’s consider this amazing tour

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