Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour

Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour

Da Lat and Nha Trang are famous cities in Vietnam for their variety of landscapes, sightseeing and so on. The beauty of such cities attract not only thousands of national visitors but also a large number of international visitors every year. There are a lot of types of transportation that you can choose to travel around and explore those impressive cities. One of the best way is cycling, for it allows you to slowly and wholy take in the beauty of the scenery, as well as contribute to your health. If you find using bike for travelling interesting and healthy, do not hestitate to make your own plan. In this article, we are about to suggest 2 interesting and fascinating cycling plans for Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour. Within only 2 days, the travellers will have a chance to explore the most outstanding and famous sightseeing in such beautiful cities.



The team of riders will be led by the tour guide


The plan for Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour


Plan 1: In this plan for Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour, the traveller will start at Dalat and then explore gradually the landscapes from Dalat to Nha Trang. Here is the detailed plan:

Day 1: Dalat to Bidoup National park

In the first day of the Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour, we cycle on a beautiful road from the centre of Dalat city to Thienthai waterfall, one of the most famous waterfall in this city. On the way to the waterfall, travellers will have a chance to witness the flower gardens, vegetable farms, coffee and persimmon fruit plantations, which are the common and featured sightseeing here. You should not miss to take the photos of those fantastic breath-taking views from high places and intimate sceneries such as farming activities at minority villages.

In the afternoon, we continue to hike about 7 km to the Thienthai waterfall, then enjoy swimming in the cool and fresh water. In the evening, we will take a rest at a clean and comfortable guesthouse where we will stay overnight.

Day 2: Bidoup National park to Nha trang 

In the second day, we will visit Bidoup National Park in Dalat and have breakfast here. After that, continue to move towards Nha Trang beach. In the first section on the way to the next destination, we will have an opportunity to see the pine forest, farms, countryside and minority villages and one of the most famous landscapes called Nui Ba Mountain. In the last 3 km of this section, we will climb to the top of the pass. The second section might be tougher for us to conquer due to the continuous downhill, which forces us to use as much flexible skills as possible. You can also see a lot of impressive sightseeing and breath-taking views along the road such as the beautiful waterfalls.

After passing both sections, we will have a picnic style lunch by the side of the river. And then continue to cycle to Nha Trang within 1 hour on the road passing beautiful small farms and rolling hills.



Heading to the waterfall


Plan 2: In the second plan, the departure place is also Dalat. However, the destinations are different from those in the first one. Let’s check the trip plan below:

Day 1: Dalat - Lak Lake

From the starting point of the trip, travellers have a chance to test your legs and make your holiday adventurous. On the way to Lak Lake, we will cycle through the coffee, pristine tropical forests and then steep mountain passes to M’nong ethnic minority village near Lak Lake. We will visit some famous landscapes such as Elephant Waterfall, Cricket farm, Rice wine making, Vegetable and Flower Farms, Silk factory, Linh An Pagoda, Tea Plantations, Jungle Forests, Agent Orange Mountain in turn to explore the beauty of these places and take photos.

Besides, we will also spend time to walk around the Jun village and explore the daily activities of local inhabitants. If you want to try elephant riding at Lak Lake, you need to pay an extra fee.

Finally, in the evening, we will spend a night in a clean and comfortable homestay at Jun village.



Take a photo at the pass


Day 2: Lak Lake - Nha Trang

In the second day of this Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour, we will go through some minority villages, paddy fields, Phoenix pass, pepper farms and rubber plantation. In the middle of the trip, we will stop at Duc My hot springs and have simple meals with chicken eggs.


What you need to prepare for Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour


There are some things that you need to carry along for this Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour, namely: food, water, towel, cellphone, map (if you want) and anything that you consider necassary. Try not to pack too many stuffs because some of them may turn out to be unnecessary and will hinder your trip.

In this tour, support vehicles will be carried along in case tired riders need to use at any time. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of the trip.



Going through gorgeous mountains in Da Lat


Here are some information about Da Lat - Nha Trang 2 day cycling tour plan as well as necessary things that you need to carry along in your trip. If you find them interesting and useful, do not forget to take note and make your own plan from now. Have fun!

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