Dalat - Muine 2 Day Cycling Tour

Dalat - Muine 2 Day Cycling Tour

The Dalat - Muine 2 day cycling tour is your chance to check your health as well as your balance when cycling up and down the hill, you will feel the most dramatic and amazing when the weather changes from cool to sultry. Along the way, you can see the lives of indigenous peoples, admire the coffee and the vegetables  plantations - the main source of income for the people here. It is also your chance to record the wonderful moments in one of Vietnam's most beautiful valleys.


Interesting things of the Dalat - Muine 2 day cycling tour

The start of the journey is cycling through the coffee fields and a pass. Your legs will heat up as you step up to the top of the slope. Followed by many of the passes dips up and down and pours down a last long pass before descending to the plains. Then, you follow a long road across many villages - rice fields - gardens go to Highway 1. Car support will be used to transport all baggage and picnic lunches. The Dalat - Muine 2 day cycling tour is up to you, and the car can be used at any time when the racers feel tired.



Interesting things of the tour


Day 1: Biking starts from Da Lat towards Ta Nung Pass to Nam Ban Town (Lam Ha District - Lam Dong Province). On the road bike, combine visiting Elephant Waterfall, winemaking facilities, Bao Dai Palace, Flower Camp, Silk Factory, Linh An Pagoda, Tea Hill... We will sleep in Di Linh (Lam Dong).

Day 2: Cycle from Di Linh up and down the pass about 60 km to Gia Bac village. After picnic lunch, transfer bus will take you to Mui Ne.

The places you will be exploring in Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour

Ta Nung Pass

The passage of Ta Nung in the Lang Biang Plateau is a poetic road through the silkworm villages of the indigenous people, so it is called the "Silk Road". Ta Nung pass connects the center of Da Lat city with Lam Ha district (Lam Dong province). The road is nearly 30 kilometers long, winding like a soft silk band around the mountain. One side is the high mountains; the other side is full of several decades old abyss. When the rainy season is just off the plateau, the flowers blooming with a beautiful yellow color throughout the route so Ta Nung is also known as "Da Quy street".



Ta Nung pass


From the center of Dalat city to Cam Ly waterfall, there will be a turn left, signpost to Ta Nung direction. You go about 25 km to the town of Nam Ban, Lam Ha district. Looking down from the mountain, visitors can see the roofs of cottages hiding in the trees in the fog and smoke. With the Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour, you will experience the wild and intimidating curve of Ta Nung Pass.


The Elephant Waterfall

Located on the way downtown of Nam Ban, Lam Ha District, Elephant Waterfall is about 25km southwest of Da Lat. It’s a wild beauty as the majestic features of the plateau. Elephant waterfall is also known as the waterfall Lieng Roaa which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the majestic Tay Nguyen mountain with a height of more than 30m, 15m wide, and not far from Linh An Pagoda. In 2001, the Elephant Waterfall was recognized as a national landscape monument.



Elephant Waterfall


You will have the chance to admire all the mysterious elephant falls in this Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour. At the foot of the falls and in the jungle there are some large boulders shaped like elephants. The sound of waterfalls makes will make the audience think a pack of elephants are running or jumping with each other.


Van Thanh flower village

Flowers are the symbol of Dalat. They are always the main attraction for the guests. The Flower village has a large area of more than 200 hectares of colorful flowers such as roses, roses, lotus roses, white chrysanthemums, carnations,... Van Thanh flowers village is wrapped in glass cages to avoid the intense sunlight, strong winds, and heavy rain. The flower village will create the romance and color for your Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour.


Linh An Pagoda

The pagoda is located at the scenic Elephant Waterfall in Ban Lam district, Lam Dong province. Direct from Da Lat along Cam Ly Falls to Ta Nung Commune to Nam Ban Town,  Linh An Pagoda is 27 km away from Dalat city, has long become an ideal destination for many travelers, especially Westerners who like adventure, love to explore and enjoy the color of the East spirit culture.



Linh An pagoda


On the road to Linh An Pagoda - The second Truc Lam Zen Monastery, tourists must overcome many winding slopes with fancy rolling hills of many shapes and, through the villages of Nung people (Ta Nung commune), to the tea and, coffee gardens. Linh An Pagoda reigns peacefully in the middle of the mountains, in front of the Elephant falls all year round, so the atmosphere in the pagoda is always cool and quiet. The Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour will give you a chance to experience the pure atmosphere at the temple.


Beaches of Muine

Mui Ne is a famous tourist center in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. With beautiful natural landscape, the harmonious climate of Binh Thuan land, Mui Ne quickly became the stop of many domestic and foreign tourists. Located 22km northeast of Phan Thiet, Mui Ne has a harmony between the yellow color of the large white sandy hills and the blue of the beach stretch.



Beaches of Muine


Pick up location and time for Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour

- Gather and pick up at the hotel, or travel agent.

- Time: depart at 08 am, and finish at 05 pm

- Duration: 2 days

- Please provide your hotel information during the booking process

- Please be at the hotel at least 30 minutes before the shuttle.


The Dalat – Muine 2 day cycling tour includes

- Pick up at the hotel

- Tour guide

- Travel insurance

- Picnic lunch, fruit, mineral water. Please note a day before if you require a special diet

- Bicycles, helmets, gloves and other necessary equipment for biking

- Luggage transportation

We always guarantee to bring visitors the most unexpected and interesting experience when you join the Dalat – Muine 2 days cycling tour.

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