Discover the beauty of nature with 2 - day Cat Tien trekking trip.

Discover the beauty of nature with 2 - day Cat Tien trekking trip.

 Have you ever heard about Cat Tien National Park in Lam Dong? It is known to be one of the largest national parks in Viet Nam and it charms people with magnificient scenery as well as many precious species. Many people wrongly thought that Cat Tien belongs to Da Lat or it is one of the destinations in a Da Lat trip. It’s not, but thanks to the development of tourism, Cat Tien is becoming more and more famous and isturning into an interesting destination for people who are on the way to go to Da Lat. If you are having the plan to come here, let’s take your time to spend your traveling with 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip - the ideal tour for an unforgettable experience with the nature of Cat Tien.

2-day Cat Tien trekking trip is a fun and cool sport activity along with a chance to see the divine beauty of Cat Tien’s nature

Firstly, for people who don’t know or haven’t ever heard about trekking, it is an interesting and healthy sport activity. Trekking is the combination of hiking and walking activity in which you take multi-days trips in rural or undevelopment area. This sport is making a trip on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas often for multiple days and along lovely mountains villages and enjoying nature sceneries. Moreover, you can get close contact with people in remote mountain villages where the lifestyle is unchanged since many generations, where they still can protect and maintain their own traditions.  

Secondly, take a look at Cat Tien National Park in Lam Dong. Cat Tien National Park belongs to 3 provinces: Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc and Lam Dong and its headquarters is located in Dong Nai. With the total area is up to 70ha and its bio-diversity and a rich, precious natural resources, the park has become home to various rare and precious species of animals and birds; with some of the most famous being deer, boar, rabbit, peacock, one-horned rhinos… In addition to plentiful and varied flora and fauna, the park also has many beautiful hills and waterfalls for you to enjoy. To fully discover the beauty of Cat Tien National park, you can consider about 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip as a wonderful choice.



  The bridge that lead to the Cat Tien National Park. 

The schedule of your 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip

Day 1 of the 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip

- 8a.m: Depending on the number of participants, we travel by van or car from Da Lat or Ho Chi Minh City top the park

- In the afternoon, we arrive at the Park headquarters, where we will begin our trip by hiking to Crocodile swamp. There is a kayak trip in here in case you want to try it.

- At nigh, we will take a rest at the Crocodille lake berfore continuing with the next day.


      The view of Crocodile lake where you spend a night at.

Day 2:

- We trek through the jungle to go back to the park headquarters.

- Continue to trek to Lang Bang, Cay Go. This will give you many amazing experiences. Don’t miss out on the chance to see a tropical rain forest, admire the old-growth trees and hear the great songs of the birds together with the sounds of forest.

- Take a canoe to cross the river, before going to the local highway end finish the trip.



 The beauty of Cat Tien National Park. 

There are some helpful notes for you on this 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip.

- You can either go to the departure point yourself or we can pick up you at your hotel.

- The 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip lasts 2 days and 1 night, so you should bring necessary things such as: clothes, hat, sunscreen, camera… and especially medicine in case unexpected things happens.

- The trip isn’t included the meals, so you have to prepare foods, water for yourself and your own family. If you want to be served food in the trip, please book in advance at least one day before the trip and let us know if you have special dietary requirements.

- The transportation for you to use is van or car. It is flexible because it depends on the number of people participated.

- Make sure that you will have a great trip because we have professional guides with the best services. The guide can speak English fluently, so you can absolutely enjoy fully and truly the trip without any language obstacle if you are foreigners.

- We provide you will all forest and tourist permits needed, as well as the entrance fees for all the activites in the tour. Moreover, the accommodation for 1 night and the transportation is prepared fully for you to use.



A photo of trekking team members in Cat Tien.


Let’s spend your vacation on this 2-day Cat Tien trekking trip, we are confident that it won’t make you disappointed. You will have many new, amazing and unforgettable moments during the trekking trip. A wonderful chance to admire beautiful sceneries and experience interesting activities by yourself.

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