Dragon back mountain biking tour

Dragon back mountain biking tour

Dalat - Lam Dong is a popular destination for both domestic and international travelers, often praised for its romantic beauty and cool climate all year round. In addition to the popular attractions such as Valley of Love, mulberry garden, pine hill, etc. Now the city of flowers has more tourist activities to attract the adventurous tourists like the overpass waterfall, kayak, and especially the dragon back mountain biking tour.

What can you get from the Dragon back mountain biking tour?

For those who love cycling, the dragon back mountain biking tour in Dalat is an ideal opportunity to be both active and see beautiful sightseeing. Tourists need to have good physical strength because the journey is quite challenging. After being equipped with protective gear and a guide for using mountain bikes, you will follow the guides to explore the hills, orchards, lakes, conquering high slopes or terrain.



Biking on the hill gives the travelers comfortable experiences


If you think you like countryside and love to go biking, then the dragon back mountain biking tour is one of the great ways to explore Dalat. With a journey about 32 km, we will depart from the city, after cycling around the poetic Xuan Huong Lake, we will go up a small hill and continue to bike to the pine forest on the jagged rocky road. Awaiting us will be a wonderful view with green pine forest, away from the noise of the city, of ordinary tourists, of automobile smoke. There will be only you and nature surround.


Dragon back mountain biking tour to discover the mystical wild beauty of Da Lat


The journey will be great for you with a variety of sightseeing throughout the trip: enjoy the view of the highest mountain, the pine forest, admire the flower garden, coffee garden or the Valley of Love. Moreover, you will have fun learning the culture, customs, habits of native people here. Certainly it will be unforgettable memories at the end of the dragon back mountain biking tour. Do not forget to bring your camera because there are so many opportunities to take pictures of the wonderful views..


The magica destinations you will pass by on the dragon back mountain biking tour


Start at Dalat city, your dragon back mountain biking tour will let you go through popular Flower Village.  When it comes to Da Lat, you can’t forget Van Thanh, a traditional flower village specializing in flower cultivation. Van Thanh Flower Village has contributed to make the name Da Lat flowers and brighten the highland city during the Festival of flowers. From the center of Dalat city to the West along the road through Cam Ly waterfall about 3km to Van Thanh Flower Village. From 1960 until now, people here officially changed from growing vegetables to specialized flowers. Come to Van Thanh Flower Village, you will be fascinated and overwhelmed by the charming beauty of the rose garden, carnations, sandy wall, lyly, etc. which are carefully taken care of in the greenhouses quite solidly with modern irrigation technology.



Many species of flower in Van Thanh Flower Village


Continue biking for another 12km of this dragon back mountain biking tour, you will reach the Golden Stream. Being located in Xa Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, Golden Stream is not only impressive for visitors by its very special name, this place also brings to tourists the experience with a beautiful natural landscape, peaceful and beautiful surrounding hills. Continue to challenge yourself through the steep paths where you will want to overcome the bike tour to conquer Dalat Golden Stream.


A beautiful capture of Golden Stream in the early morning


A beautiful feature with the works created by human hands but still retain the wild beauty, most natural forest with huge, quiet green lake. At this point, you will feel like being in a peaceful space with gentle water flowing, the green pines rolling on the water, the bridge across the stream so that visitors easily have closer views of the beautiful scenery. You can admire this wonderful scene during the dragon back mountain biking tour through here. Your trip will also be provided a picnic lunch to help you regain energy to prepare for the next journey.


Visit the fresh red berries on the dragon back mountain biking tour



Red berries garden are famous place for visitors to visit


Continue your dragon back mountain biking tour through the famous vegetables and flowers of Dalat to finish your journey. Getting to Dalat without visiting the flower garden or mulberry garden will indeed a regret for you. Considered as a specialty of Dalat, check out the mulberry orchard scene or fruit garden beautiful colors.


The location and time for the dragon back mountain biking tour


- Pick up at the hotel

- Departure time: 09:00

- End time depends on the speed of your bike experience.

- Total distance of dragon back mountain biking tour is about 30km

- Duration: 4 -5 hours (estimated).

- Please enter hotel information in the payment section.

- Please be present at the venue at least 15 minutes before departure time.

Dalat is a city not only beautiful scenery but also a good hilly terrain for cycling terrain not only in Asia but also in the world with a perfect climate, challenging trails with scenic spots. The equipment we will provide allows you to enjoy your trip without having to bother about anything all the way of this dragon back mountain biking tour.. Come to us, you will have new experiences to explore, admire the beautiful scenery and conquer the challenging road.

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