Elephant riding tour

Elephant riding tour

Th elephant riding tour is a mixed trip tour of elephant rideing at the Prenn waterfall, the tour will take you to experience the feeling of being in harmony with nature, between taking a boat trip on Tuyen Lam lake, visit Datanla, The Valley of love, train station, antique palace, romantic view of the lake resort and elephant riding

Activities of riding tour at the Prenn waterfall in Elephant riding tour

Prenn Waterfall is a tourist complex with many tourist products. This is a large waterfall having from a cliff higher than 10m to an artificial lake below, in addition to tourist attractions such as riding ostrich, elephant riding spots..

Prenn Waterfall is located at the foot of Prenn Pass about 10km from the center of Da Lat City. Beneath the Prenn waterfall, visitors can follow the road with rugged terrains through a suspension bridge to catch the stream to the zoo, orchid garden or participate in elephant riding. In addition, for a chance to experience the scenery, visitors can use the cable car service from the top to go through the Prenn waterfall, from the elevated position looking down the water droplets, visitors will feel like they’re going to go to the heavenly realms.



Activity of riding tour at the Prenn waterfall in Elephant riding tour


At present, the Prenn Waterfall is managed and operated by Da Lat Tourism Service Joint Stock Company. With elephant riding tour Visitors can take part in activities such as Elephant, Ostrich riding, visiting Hung Temple. .

The second place in elephant riding tour - Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is 6 km south of Da Lat city center, just below Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It has fresh air, quiet space, natural landscape (forest, mountains, lakes, streams, waterfalls). At the lake you can choose between various fun activities such as duck riding, drinking coffee or sightseeing. Around the lake there are many delicious restaurants on the meat of the forest for you to choose, in addition you can also eat other popular dishes in the restaurant near the resort.




The third place in elephant riding tour - Datanla Waterfall

Datanla waterfall is located on the Prenn Pass - one of the most romantic pass duels in Dalat, Highway 20, about 10 km south of the city center. Located in the upstream of the height of more than 20 meters, the waterfall always flows steadily, gentle, giving it a heavenly mystic aura.



The second place in elephant riding tour - Datanla Waterfall


With elephant riding tour visitors will not only visit the waterfall  but also can participate in adventure activities, strong challenges like swing wire.

The fourth place in elephant riding tour - Love Valley

Love Valley is one of the major tourist destinations of Dalat. A truly great and indispensable destination  in the elephant riding tour, this is where love and romance between people reign.



The third place in elephant riding tour - Love Valley


The Valley of Love is one of the most romantic sights in Dalat, about 6 km northeast of the city center. That is where the Da Thien Dam (built in 1972) gathered the small streams flowing from high mountains, into a lake (Da Thien Lake) in the shape of a green valley.

The fifth place in elephant riding tour - Da Lat railway station

Da Lat railway station or Da Lat train station is the most ancient and unique railway of Vietnam as well as Indochina. Da Lat railway station is unique because the former railway in Vietnam is designed in the style of serrated.

The only place to store steam locomotives and serif types (one segment), this type of train station can’t be seen in more than a few rare places in the world



Da Lat railway station


Being a French colonial architecture but the Da lat railway station is still very modern and special and carry with it a distinctive feeling belonging only to Da Lat.

Inside the train station, there is a coffe shop. This is a great place to take beautiful pictures and check-in here. Let’s try getting a great firefighter portrait.

Da Lat train station is also famous for many handicraft items, espescially wool.

The sixth place in elephant riding tour -  Bao Dai Palace




Bao Dai Palace


The end of the elephant riding tour journey will be at Bao Dai Palace

Bao Dai Palace in Dalat, also known as Palace III, was built between 1933 and 1938 where the Bao Dai family lived and worked in Dalat. Palace III was designed by a French architect and architect Huynh Tan Phat.

Palace III is located in the forest of Ai An on the top of the hill, in which Ernest Hébrard's Dalat embellishment project was dedicated to the Governor General. The whole structure of the palace is European architecture, typical with the electric and electrical before the flower garden. Here, you will not only learn about the luxury life of the current king of the feudal dynasty of Vietnam but also can dress up as king, queen, prince, princess, ... then take pictures to keep the Memories of the palace at the monastery of the monument. It can be said that this area is always crowded with people excited to discover the royal life of people in the past.

With the above attractions, the elephant riding tour will certainly make your summer. Do not hesitate to pack your bag now and experience the best with elephant riding tour

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