In the eyes of everyone, Dalat is always a great tourist destination with the cold, fresh climate of Lam Dong plateau, where it is known by many couples as the brilliant city of love and of thousand flowers. As a result, the tourism business is strongly developed, many travel companies have launched short-term tours for groups of 2-3 people for a great holiday at the romantic city of Indochina. Enjoying the tour of Dalat city tour in one day is no stranger to many people. The route of the tour is meticulously planned: From Robin Hill and cable car, meditation chapel up to King Bao Dai Emperor's tomb and the end point is the train station. You will enjoy the Dalat city tour in one day starting at 8:30 am and ending at 15h the same day. You will probably have one of the best days of your life

What are the special points of Dalat city tour in one day?

The first destination of the trip is Robin Hill and cable car so you can see the panorama of Da Lat. You will also know a Dalat with the classic architecture with European flavor, a center of Buddhism with the Truc Lam Monastery for many buddhists, Bao Dai Palace - the last king of feudal Vietnam . Between Truc Lam Monastery and Bao Dai Palace, other places that you will visit on Dalat city tour in one day include Tuyen Lam Lake, sculpture tunnel and Datanla Waterfall. Each destination with its own unique beauty will give you endless pleasant surprise. The tour will end at the Da Lat train station.


Learn Buddhist culture with Dalat city tour in one day

Get back to nature to find comfort within yourself, get back to Buddhism, to feel peace in our hearts. For many foreign visitors, the spiritual Buddhists of the Eastern countries always have a strong attraction to them. They want to learn the worship culture of these countries, as well as worship their country's religious beliefs. Dalat city tour in one day is not only a chance for us to enjoy beautiful scenery but also to find a place of peace to let go of your sadness, learn about Buddhism - one of the spiritual beliefs in the world.

Dalat city tour in one day provides an opportunity to explore the history of our nation


Vietnam has advanced to socialism, the feudal era has ended.

Palace 3 is the name of Bao Dai Palace) the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, and also the last emperor of the feudal dynasties of Vietnam. After the French took Bao Dai back to power in 1948 and established the "Imperial Dynasty" in 1950.

The building was built between 1933 and 1938, designed by French architect Paul Veysseyre and architect Huynh Tan Phat. The palace is located on a hilltop in the Dalat renovation project of the architects Hesbrard for the royal residence. This hill is 1539m high in Trieu Viet Vuong.

Emperor Bao Dai officially abdicated has ended the heroic feudalism of the nation for thousands of years. Now when we look at the tombstone, we can remember what was once a glorious time of the people, a time with a lot of things we can be proud of

What is the price of Dalat city tour in one day ?

There are a lot of tourist attractions that the company provides for you when you choose Dalat city tour in one day for an attractive price, the more people the bigger the discount.

The price listed for this Dalat city tour in one day is $ 17  for two people and when traveling from 3 people and the price is only $ 15. The price is not too expensive and suitable for many people's pocket especially for students and travel specialists, and foreigners who come to Vietnam for vacation. With that price, you will be able to ride in a car from 8 to 16 seats depending on the number of visitors, providing adequate drinking water to complement the journey of exploring new things in the famous tourist city.

Do not hesitate anymore,  let’s take your bag right now and let’s go, reward yourself a Dalat city tour in one day to explore the natural scene and the rich history, Buddhism after a hard working or hard studying period to relax your mind. Or simply create beautiful footage for the places that you’ve come to.

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