Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall

Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall

Da Lat is known as a serene, calming city, suitable for people looking for peace. However, this beautiful city still have place for those with a passion for challenges. Located about 5km from Da Lat, Datanla waterfall is where you can find the city’s adventurous side. The favorite activity here is the full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall.  Playing this sport is not too difficult, just your love for nature and your will to take risk is enough. With the guidance and assistance of professional guides, you will have the opportunity to conquer nature - conquer yourself, overcome challenges and enjoy an exciting day of travel that will leave you with unforgettable experience.


Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfull is one of the most modern adventure sports that let you explore the secrets of wilderness.


Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall is the all-in-one tour for lovers of adventures


Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall is the best tour where you can immerse yourself in  sport activities in this attractive waterfall. You can enjoy various activities such as cliff diving from the height of 3,7 or11m into the water, sliding water, trekking through the forest, wading through the stream, 100m zipline for those who love the feeling of conquering challenges

Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall is suitable for young adventurers, who want to experience something entirely different; something you can never get in a city no matter how big or modern it is. If you are searching for a way to get out of the busy city life, and all the draining daily routines, then the magnificient nature of the Datanla waterfall can give you an unforgettable memory, wash away all the worries, allow you to just relax, to try something new and recharge yourself.

Besides, this tour is a chance for you to meet new people and make friends from all over the world, people who are as adventurous and courageous as you, who share the same passion and desire of conquering the beautiful nature with you. Let’s imagine coming here, engage in all exciting activities then have picnic lunch near the falls together. And we have free beer at the end of the program to congratulate you all through all the challenges. We are confident this tour can give you some of your best, most precious moments.


You and your friends will get the wonderful moment


The schedule of the Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall


The Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall provide you a safe, intriguing schedule to help you enjoy the full range of games and bring you satisfaction from the trip.

8: 30 - 8:45: We pick you up at the hotel by a 16-seat minivan. This will  takes about 15 minutes to get us to the south of the city, along the winding streets filled with picturesque green pines.

9:00 - 9: 15: We go to the canyoning spot. Then you will learn the basic techniques of knotting, wearing belts, and wiring down the right way in 45 minutes. With the first challenge, you will walk down a 15 meters high cliffs, next to that, the white waterfall erodes 30 meters high.

Going further down the canyon, the next station is Tyrolean Traverse. You will get  to climb and slide the rope down the 17 meters high waterfall . Next to it is a natural slide. Unlike in the park, here you will be feeling the slip on the rock.

Following the journey, we will walk along the stream hidden in the tropical forest, and admire with your own eyes the beauty of the wild nature. At some points, you need to wade, swim, climb over and continue the trip.

There are two cliffs waiting for you to conquer. The cliff is 20 meters, the wall jump 7 meters and finally the waterfall is 11 meters high. This will be a wonderful challenge for your mental strength

12: 00 -12: 30: We have lunch, before trekking back to the starting point, where the shuttle is waiting to take you back to Dalat

14:20: We officialy finish the tour and take you back to the hotel. You have conquered our challenges and, most importantly, you are yourself.


You have conquered our challenges and, most importantly, you are yourself.


The Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall includes

- Group transportation.

- Professional and experienced  English speaking guides.

- Full day excursion equipment including shuttle, guide, lunch, mineral water, insurance and safety facilities.

- Wiring devices meeting international standards in Europe.

- Travel insurance.

What do you need to note before booking Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall


Safety is the first one when you join this game


Firstly, when you are in the game, even if you have a guide and a safety belt, you must determine where to put your foot accordingly, keep the position well to avoid water hitting your face. If you find yourself tired in the middle of the journey, you can find a waterfall slope to stop by, take a rest and recharge your energy before continuing.

Secondly, it is better if you know how to swim. Of course you can still play Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall well otherwise, but knowing how to swim will be useful for you when encountering unexpected situations during the trip and also help you play confidently.

The Full option canyoning at Datanla waterfall will undoubtly be the perfect adventure for you when summer has come. Don’t hesitate and let’s start preparing for your trip right now!

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