Southern biking challenge

Southern biking challenge


Southern biking challenge will surprise you


Discovering the mysterious wilderness or exploring the indigenous culture of the city of flowers by bike will be a memorable and meaningful experience. Southern biking challenge is unlike regular tours, just sit back and relax on motorized vehicles and travel to tourist spots to take a walk and take some photos as souvenirs. A sightseeing tour of Dalat by bike is a must for you to become strong and skillful when driving the bike on the zigzag roads of the pine trees. You will enjoy the fresh air of Dalat and see the green pine forests, colorful vegetable gardens lying quietly in the valleys or on the sloping hills ... without noisy bustle of a tourist crowd.


The Southern biking challenge givess you the chance to discover the mystical wild beauty of southern Dalat


If you travels up to the north of Dalat City, you will come to Langbiang, Valley of Love or discover Cu Lan village. If you goes to the south of the city, you will enjoy Tuyen Lam’s lake and popular Zen Meditation Pagoda.

Challenge yourself through the journey of cultural discovery in the Dalat plateau with adventure like the 32km long southern biking challenge. Although the road you pass through will be very arduous but there will be a plus point for this journey: no traffic obstruction or tourist groups. It’s a chance to discover the places in the south of Dalat city at a different angle, you will be surprised by the mysterious beauty of this land. You will feel the cool breeze in the beautiful nature.



Visiting different locations throughout the southern biking challenge


Southern biking challenge is not very difficult but it still has everything that a traveler wants. You will take a trip of 7km long to go to Robin hill. You can enjoy the trip along the way with the peaceful scenery of Xuan Huong Lake and the peaceful atmosphere here. From the top of Robin hill at the height of 1690m, you can admire the beauty scenery of Dalat through the bird’s eye view. At here, you can take some impressive pictures to keep the wonderful memories.



You can see the scenery of Dalat on the top of Robin hill


Through three more kilometers along the pine forest, you will reach the Zen Meditation Pagoda and Tuyen Lam lake. It is the most famous pagoda in Dalat for its beauty and its efficacy. Zen Meditation Pagoda is considered as a beautiful structure located next to Tuyen Lam lake. From Tuyen Lam lake, visitors can go along a small path with 140 stone steps to cross the pine forest to the upper monastery. From the entrance, the visitors will go through a gate, then go to the main hall of the monastery. You can also picnic here and learn more about this largest Buddhist center. Zen Meditation Pagoda’s garden planted a lot of flowers, so take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



Zen Meditation Pagoda is a famous pagoda in Vietnam


After getting enough energy, we continue the southern biking challenge around the lake with cool air on your face and peace in your soul. Then, we rode back to the office on the way through several flower and vegetable farms.


Conquer yourself with the challenging road of the southern biking challenge


During the southern biking challenge, you will meet some hard and exciting hills. As a type of adventure tourism, you need to have the toughest physique to ride the bike through the pine forests, zigzag roads that are difficult to go through. However, during the trip, the tour guide will ensure that your bike is at the required level, allowing you to enjoy the ride safely.


You can meet Tuyen Lam Lake for the most peaceful atmosphere


What you need to bring for the southern biking challenge


The southern biking challenge requires you to be fully equipped with the items you need.

  • A bike repair kit as well as necessary accessories. Of course, the you should have basic bike repair knowledge.
  • Conventional food and drinks. You may not always be able to see a grocery store along the way, so conventional food, drinks ( energy drinks) are needed to supplement the energy of the long journey.
  • Personal identification, telephone, camera and, most importantly, money. Do not be so adventurous that you lose both your voice and your wallet! Every risk can happen and your mission is to minimize risk to yourself and your friends during the trip.
  • Suitably appropriate clothing, especially gloves, socks, hats, raincoats, shoes and clothing for cycling are never to be missed.

The southern biking challenge includes

  • Picnic lunch
  • Professional guides
  • Entrance fees according to the program
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Mountain bikes, helmets, gloves
  • Water, snacks
  • First aid equipment
  • Insurance

Note: The southern biking challenge is not include personal costs and the cost is not mentioned in the tickets.

Location shuttle pick up and time of the southern biking challenge

  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Departure time: 08:30
  • End time depends on the speed of your bike experience.
  • Duration: 3-4 hours (estimated)
  • Please provide the hotel information that you located in the payment section.
  • Transportation time will be informed after successful booking.
  • Please be at the front of the hotel at least 15 minutes prior to pick up time.

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