Trek to paradise Da Lat - Go to feel the soul of Da Lat.

Trek to paradise Da Lat - Go to feel the soul of Da Lat.

Da Lat is probably the dream destination of many visitors. There are so many affectionate names that visitors use to talk about this city like "city of flowers", "city of fog", "city of pine forest", It is not by chance that people call Da Lat with such names but because there are so many beautiful sights to see and discover. Trek to Da La is literally a trek to paradise tour



Da Lat is probably the dream place of many visitors


Trek to paradise Dalat to the top of Samson mountain

The total trek to paradise  journey of the discovery of the beautiful Dalat city is about 12km. So be ready and prepare yourself a healthy energy to conquer this journey. You will escape the noise of the city to a small village on the road to climb to the mountain. You will walk through colorful flower farm, fresh green pine forest, fruity coffee garden and the famous rose garden in Dalat. Then you will climb to the summit of Samson at an altitude of 1700m above sea level. At the top of Samson mountain, panoramic view of beautiful Da Lat city appears right before your eyes. It will without a doubt leave you stunned by its majestic beauty. Don’t forget to take as many beautiful photographs as you can since Samson mountain is known at the number one spot for pictures in Da Lat city


Lost into the beautiful scenery of Paradise lake with trek to paradise trip

The trek to paradise journey continues through the jungle with its rich vegetation and a chestnut forest. You can enjoy the poetic landscapes of Paradise lake during lunch time, take a swim or a scenic boat ride around the lake. On the journey you will also go through the forest with various hundreds of years old trees. In addition, you will also be walking in the field of artichoke or red russet farm, one of the famous agricultural products of Dalat.



Paradise lake is one of the places in trek to paradise tour


Near the end of the trek to paradise journey in Dalat, you will visit Artichoke Garden and Strawberry Garden


The next place of “Trek to Paradise” tour - Visiting Dalat Artichoke Garden and Strawberry Garden

Artichoke Garden

Artichoke is brought to Vietnam by the french and grown most in Da Lat, then Sa Pa, Tam Dao (places with temperate climate).



This is a feature of the fog city of Da Lat


Artichoke is a special herb of Lam Dong but mainly grown in Ward 12 (Da Lat city) due to the  unique weather, soil conditions here. In the years 1999-2000, in Ward 12, the area of ​​artichoke up to 60ha. Artichoke is an unique food and is known as a speciality of Dalat so don’t miss the chance to discover it

Strawberry Garden

You should definitely not overlook the opportunity to visit the strawberry garden - another specialty of Dalat. In the warm sunshine, you will be photographed with fresh ripe berries waiting to be harvested and enjoy the berries in the garden, starting a new day full of energy.

Da Lat strawberry is famous for its deliciousness and beauty, with each ripe of red berries in fresh weather. Around the end of winter and early spring is the season of strawberries. Going to see red strawberries flooded a whole area looks extremely brilliant and will be an unforgettable experience.



Enjoy the sour, sweet of the fruit only in this city of fog ... what an interesting feeling!


A quiet moment in the trek to paradise tour with the space of Truc Lam Zen

Before the end of the trek to paradise journey, on the way back you can visit Truc Lam monastery, the largest monastery in the country both in space and size. The monastery, though not ancient but beautiful in terms of campus and layout in harmony with nature, contains many mysteries of the spiritual world. In addition, space Buddha's dignity as well as fresh air of the plateau will make you feel relaxed, comfortable. In the temple grounds, you will also have the opportunity to admire many beautiful and beautiful flowers of Dalat that are grown here.

Detail information of trek to paradise tour

Start Time: 9.00 am

Finish Time: Between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Duration: One Day

Departure Days: Daily

Activities: Hiking, swimming (if desired).

Trekking Grade: Easy

Transportation: Van or car to trail head, depending on group size

Meals: Fruit snack, purified drinking water, picnic lunch. Please note one day in advance if you have special dietary requirements.

What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, repellent, swimsuit (if desired), camera, comfortable walking shoes. Sandals are not recommended.

What is Included: English speaking guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, meal and transport as listed above.

What is not Included: Personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage

These are the beautiful and wonderful trekking routes of Da Lat. In the middle of the trip, you will only know the deep forest, the flowers, the trees and the peaceful farms. The space is completely separated from the noisy world out there and will give you the peace of mind. Let’s trek to paradise and feel the soul of Dalat!

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